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IBIL is a pioneering leader in technology and charging services for electric vehicles. It has the largest operating network in Spain, with 200 public charging stations, of which 50 are fast-charge points. IBIL has also installed over 1300 charging stations in businesses and private homes.

The company was set up in 2010 under a collaboration agreement between the Basque energy agency, EVE and Repsol, aimed at developing the technology and capacities needed to develop electrical mobility and a charging network. IBIL is now a key reference point in Spain in terms of its technology, infrastructure and EV charging services. 


IBIL has developed  its own technology platform for managing its entire charging network. To improve users’ experience, IBIL’s technology department creates its own terminal designs to improve ergonomics and usability, develops new charging solutions to enhance the use of power capacity, and analyses vehicle consumption to optimise performance of the charging network and integration within the national power system. To achieve this, IBIL’s control centre has a real-time connection to the EV management system of the Spanish electricity network, Red Eléctrica de España (CECOVEL).

IBIL also participates in a range of technology cooperation projects, including E-VIA FLEX- E for ultra-fast charging and CIRVE, for fast-charge corridors in the Iberian peninsula.